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Grand Rapids Web Design FAQ

Grand Rapids Web Design Process

Web Design Planning

First, we will gather information about your future website: it's purpose, goals, content, and audience; and about the products or services and business it will represent on the Web.

Design & Development

Once information has been gathered and the basic framework of your site has been planned, we design the visual components of your website and develop these components into webpages.

Website Completion

The last few details are put into place and your website is tested and optimized for browser compatibility and speed. After you review the final design, your website is launched to the Web!

The Grand Rapids Web Design Process in Detail

Gathering Information

First, we will sit down with you to gather basic information about the website to be created. We will discuss possible color schemes desired, what products or services the website will feature, and other details. We will ask questions to gain an understanding of your target audience and customers, and the ultimate goals of your website. We will also assist you in selecting a domain name that will be most beneficial to the search engine optimization of your website, setup hosting, and answer any questions you have.

In this stage we will also help you determine which website package you need based on the number of pages you would like your website to have.

Website Planning

Next, we will review the information gathered at our meeting to create a sitemap outlining the organization of the different pages and sections of your website and the layout of various content. Organization is key to facilitating sales by creating a user-friendly website that is convenient and easy for your customers to use.

We will also examine the websites of your primary competitors and develop strategies for the success of your website in the internet-dependent global marketplace. Before design begins, Google tools will also be utilized to conduct keyword research as part of the planning of your website's search engine optimization strategy.

Design and Coding

In the design phase, the look and feel of your website is created. This may include graphics, fonts, layouts, colors, and other aspects of the design. If you have also requested logo design services; your website and logo will be carefully designed to harmonize and match one another. If you have an existing logo in use; your website will be carefully tailored to fit the existing image of your company.

The graphics and visual components created are then developed into a functional website. This is done by writing the XHTML, CSS and Javascript code that will cause your graphics, content and information to be displayed as a website when someone views your domain from the Web browser on their computer.

Testing & Finalization

After design and development is complete and all of your content (such as text, pictures, and video) has been added, your website will be tested and cross-checked for browser compatibility and page load speed and optimized accordingly. Code will be checked for errors and your content will be reviewed for typographical errors.

Technical aspects of your website such as domain and hosting settings will be adjusted and your company e-mail addresses, social media pages, local business listings, Google Analytics accounts and other items will be set-up.

Website Launch

After you have reviewed your final design and any necessary changes have been completed, your website will be launched to the Internet and will become publicly viewable.

If you have requested a content management system, we will show you how it can be used to update and maintain the content of your website. At this time we can also answer any questions you have.

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