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Most Popular Search Engine Marketing (SEM) & Advertising Services

    Advertising Campaign Setup & Deployment

  • Google Adwords Campaign Setup - $139 one-time fee
  • Microsoft Ads Campaign Setup - $159 one-time fee
  • Facebook Advertising Campaign Setup - $129 one-time fee
  • Google Adsense Campaign Setup - $199 one-time fee
  • Discounts are available for campaign setup bundles!

    Advertising Management - Monitoring & Maintenance

  • Facebook Advertising Monitoring & Maintenance - $49.95 / month
  • Google Adwords Monitoring & Maintenance - $59.95 / month
  • Google Adsense Monitoring & Maintenance - $39.95 / month
  • Microsoft (Bing) Ads Monitoring & Maintenance - $69.95 / month
  • Discounts are available for advertising maintenance bundles!

Online Advertising Made Easy.

Target your customers on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Facebooksocial media marketing

We offer several easy online advertising solutions that take the headache out of advertising your business on Google, Facebook, or another website or advertising network.

We offer two options for Google or Facebook advertising. We can set-up your account and advertising campaign for you as a one-time service or set-up the campaign and monitor and maintain it for you on a regular basis. The pricing above is for advertisers who will be targeting internet users in their local area — such as Grand Rapids / West Michigan. For pricing for more complex statewide, multi-state, regional or national advertising campaigns; please contact us for a quote.

One-time campaign setup includes keyword and search volume research; writing of ad-copy, optimization of campaign settings, geographic and demographic targeting if applicable, and setup of up to 5 individual ads and ad groups. Also included is integration with your existing Google Analytics account. Note: websites not designed by Ruby Web Design may not already have Google Analytics installed. Local Google Adwords advertising campaigns can be setup and ready to be launched within approximately 3 hours.

Monitoring & maintenance of your advertising campaigns are for advertisers or business owners who are not comfortable managing their online advertising campaigns or who do not have time to do so. With this monthly service, we will login to your advertising campaign(s) at least 5 times per week to monitor the performance of the campaign; make necessary adjustments, write and create new ads, adgroups and/or keyword groups if needed, remove underperforming ads, manage CPC bids for your ads to ensure your ads are getting the desired placement or impressions, and ensure the campaign stays with your desired budget.

If you would like us to set-up your advertising campaigns initially but want to learn to manage and maintain them yourself, we also offer individual or group training sessions for you or your employees so that ad campaigns can be managed internally. A two-hour individual training session costs $125, and a two-hour group training session (up to six employees) is $225. Training sessions are also available for larger groups — please contact us for more information. Our advertising training is available for Google or Facebook advertising products and will teach you the basics of how to use each platform, including how to track and monitor the success of your campaigns, analyze data collected by the campaign to make adjustments, secure the lowest possible CPCs (costs per click), create new advertisements within your campaign; and how to increase the quality scores of each ad for better CTR (click-through rate) and overall performance.

Social Media Management

Expert social media services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and More

S ometimes, even if you are comfortable using social networks such as Facebook, you may not have time to engage your fans and potential customers through social media interaction and real-time search targeting techniques using Twitter and others.

As social media use continues to become more and more popular among all agegroups and more essential to business, managed social media accounts are also increasing in poularity. Social media management means that we will post, comment, like and interact (as your page) with your potential customers on Facebook on a regular basis, working to answer questions, remove inappropriate comments or spam if necessary, gain more "likes" and exposure for your pages, and increase sales. We will post meaningful and interesting articles, photos, and other material relevant to your business to your social media pages at least 4 times per week.

Social media management for local business Facebook pages is $49.95 / month, and can be discontinued at any time if you decide you would like to begin managing your Facebook presence yourself. Like-increasing marketing activities and promotions including giveaways, coupons and promotions can also be held at your discretion.